b'The Stabicraft 2250 CentrecabPractical U-Dek is employed on just its second trip out onwell throughout the boat, on the water heading across thethe floor and sides.Tauranga harbour.We didnt mind, as it was a stunning day to be out on theKey Specswater and enjoy the outing.Aaron was taking in all the new features of the boat andSTABICRAFT 2250 the helpful knowledge thatCENTRECABMike and Steve offered as we+Length overall: 6.85m (22.5 ft)headed back to Tauranga.He+Beam Exterior: 2.54m+Beam Internal: 1.97mwas very happy with the boat+Hull thickness: 6mmand plans were already being+Deadrise: 17 deg made to get out over summer+Powering: 225-300hpto find some big fish. +Dy hull weight: 1787kgThe boat looks aggressive,+Adults max: 8+Fuel tank: 300Ltough, and made for the rough stuff all while beingYAMAHA 250HP 4.2L V6a very stable boat.Im sure+Engine Type: 24 Valve Aaron and his son, with theDOHC with VCT Direct rest of the family will enjoyAction 60 - V6this new boat and make+Bore x Stroke (mm): 96 x 96some memorable trips in+Displacement (cc): 4169.02022, but he might need to+Recommended Maximum Uncluttered dash withRPM: 5000-6000rename it Four more dropsYamaha digital gauges and+Fuel Management: EFIknowing what keen, youngGarmin sounder. +Dry Weight: 255kganglers are like.FIGZ /FISHINGINGODZONE81'