b'SPEARFISHINGLoading the gun is all about technique, if its not happening change to thinner, longer rubbers.BAND POWERED GUNS Band powered railguns The band powered guns thereforeare the most popular and dominate the local and internationaleasy to use.markets. There are several variations of the band powered gun.The European Style Gun (Euro Gun) and the Railgun (Australian and South African Gun) are both excellent options. Band powered guns are incredibly quiet when fired and aiming with one is a breeze. Muzzles play a big part in this and with the advancement of open muzzles (you can see the complete path of the shaft), there is really no excuse for missing your target. These guns are also easy to personalise,power them up by adding more or heavier bands or make it easier to load by using thinner or longer bands. Aside from replacing rubbers, shooting line,wisest move. You will certainly destroyWith the ideal length being 110-120cm. and sharpening shafts they also requireany fish you see being too powerful, butThis covers all fish that you could see on little maintenance. They are made ofit will be a bit of a challenge swinging ita standard dive from kingfish, kahawai aluminium, carbon fibre or wood makingaround and knowing the poor visibility. to snapper and trevally, the 120cm is them extremely durable. Its possible you may not even be ablethe perfect allrounder. A railgun is easy When looking for a speargun theto see the end of your gun. In clearto identify as it has a rail that runs along main thing is to take note of the terrain,blue water found in the tropics this isthe top of the barrel. This acts as a guide conditions, and fish you are hunting. Forperfect, but not here. ensuring the shaft shoots straight out of example, taking a 130cm 4 rubber gunThe most popular gun here in Godzonethe gun and is easy to guide back into on a shore dive in Auckland isnt theis a railgun with a 6.5mm or 7mm shaft.the mechanism.38FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'