b'Surfcasting in summer is a great way to fish while cooling off in the water as you wait for a bite.Editor Matt Hewetson provides his summer tips to help put more fish in your bin off the beach.W ith the arrival offew key tactics will help produce fish offFresh baits like mullet summer, whichthe beach during the hotter months. from the surf cant is a welcomedbe beat.season forFRESH BAITmost Kiwis, itAs I surfcast 90% of the time on the is one of mywest coast, it is quite easy to find your favourite timesown fresh bait here.We gather tuatuas to head downat low tide and drag nets in the surf for an isolatedmullet, both baits are loved by trevally, beach awaysnapper, kahawai, and gurnard.These for the busy holiday crowds to surfcast. are our main targets when surfcasting The water is warm and pleasant whenand tuatua or pipis will also catch rig standing around for hours and into the(spotted dogfish) which are popular for late evening on the beach. many anglers.Fresh bait is always your However, summer fishing can be toughbest option, and you just need to put at times after fish have spawned in springin the time collecting it.Anyway, both and the bright, hot conditions can puttuatua fritters and smoked mullet are fish off coming into the shallows withinoutstanding on their own if you dont reach of surfcasters.I have discovered ahave any luck on the rod.Summertime surfcasting in shorts and t-shirt on stunning days is hard to beat. /FISHINGINGODZONE45'