b'The change of light is a top time to be targeting kingfish with top water lures.Fish Fingers are now available in 120g and 140g weights so you can get down deeper to hook kingfish.The bigger knife jigs (200gm500gm) have been used for years on kingfish andJody Waaka pumped with his are usually used when targeting offshorefirst kingfish on a stickbait in the evening after a long pins and foul on deeper reefs. You canday of learning to swim the try and jig blind but finding the fish firstlure properly.will save your arms a lot of pain. If you are prospecting a smaller reef or rocky area, look to the up-current side first as baitfish will often be on this side of the structure.You will need to be packing heavier gear with stronger leaders to stop fish from reefing you. Going up to 30-45kg leader is more appropriate and PE4 braid or heavier line. These knife jigs need special rods and matching reels to help the jig work properly and handle the constant cranking. Mechanical jigging isnt difficult to pick up and you can get into a rhythm that helps make it less strenuous over the day. Sometimes its worth spicing up a knife jig with a small squid skirt on the hook, similar to what you find on an inchiku jig. The extra flash and tassel can help draw strikes. Recommendations for lures are Jig Star, Kilwell Broken Arrow, OK Fish Lofty and Zest. They all take fish and vary in budget, some come rigged with assist hooks and others arent.Take extra assist hooks as they can blunt when hitting the reef or the bottom, and you can easily change over using split ring pliers.If you want to learn from seasoned jigging pros, then book a charter such as Epic Adventures on the Coromandel who take anglers to target kings and have jigging combos on board, their skippers provide invaluable advice for novices on getting started. /FISHINGINGODZONE17'