b'SPEARFISHINGOnce your speargun is setup you need to back it up. There are two options in which to do this. Option one is the most popular and simplest way to start spearfishing. Using a float and rope with line up to 30m long, your gun is always attached meaning you can shoot a big fish let it go and fight the fish from the surface with the rope. If you are spearfishing in the shallows, competent and know you wont let go of your gun then you can use a reel gun. Reels are great as there isnt a float line dragging behind you and getting stuck in the rocks. The downside is that you dont have a float or line to put fish on and make you visible to boaties. Therefore, I would always tow a float and line even if I am using a reel gun. With so many options on the market, my final word of advice is to keep it simple.A 110-120cm rail gun with a single or double band, and a float and line are all you need to cover every type of fish and terrain over summer. Safe diving.FIGZReel guns are great as there isnt a float line dragging behind you to get stuck or tangled.ABOVE: A small gun is great for kids when learning and shooting smaller fish like goatfish.42FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'