b'KINGS ON LURESI notice that kingfish will sometimes be shadowing baitfish at a distance and just waiting until they are hungry enough to attack. Why do guys hang around the BBQ at parties? Cause that is where the food is, its the same principle with kingfish.Knife jigs have been around for a while and typically good for targeting deeper pins and reefs. Epic Adventures are a top charter on the Coromandel to head out on to put you on kings and learn.TOPWATERAll the lures mentioned so far are designed to target fish in mid-water or deeper, but kingfish are also topwater predators and lures that float and imitate wounded prey can be a lot of fun to fish. Again, the best plan is to find the food source although top water hunting involves covering more area and can be the method of a thousand casts to get your fish.I find stickbaiting is more labour intensive than the other methods butWest Coast Popper floating stickbaits are also brings its own rewards with massiveavailable from 60-155gm and many colours.watery explosions behind, or on top ofare less likely to damage the fish (so itwill undoubtedly be looking for their your lure really getting the adrenalinesurvives if you release it) and less likely tobreakfast or dinner. Even if you arent pumping! When theres a pack of kingiesbe dangerous to soft human flesh.near a school of fish, prospecting around all in eager pursuit and swarming behindQuality topwater lure choices I wouldgood looking structure with current, can your lure, its hard not to start shaking.recommend are Poseidon, Maria Rapido,introduce your lure to a roving green Topwater lures can get expensive, withWest Coast Popper and Zeets.Asback and trigger an attack that results many being handmade overseas but youwith mechanical jigging, dedicatedin a fish in the bag and a great start to dont have to buy the top end lures togear is necessary and spin reels with athe day.catch fish. Invest instead in practicingfast retrieve and strong drags (10kg+),In conclusion, make sure you are working your lure so it swims well. Youmatched to rods capable of fishing 24kgcompetent at tying your knots. Do can make a $40-50 lure swim like aor heavier line. a destruction test if you arent sure $100+ lure with a bit of work. I wouldWith all the above AI methodsor at least put it through a rigorous highly recommend swapping out treblecovered, the change of light can be atest because if you dont, the kingfish hooks for single (inline) hooks, as thesegolden time to get a strike as kingfishdefinitely will.Tight lines.FIGZ18FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'