b'GAME FISHINGCheck sea surface temperatures (SST) just before heading out to find areas where cooler water meets warmer water to help locate marlin.PLANNINGThe old adage "Planning prevents poor performance", has never been so true as it is when game fishing. A successful catch starts well before you head out for a fish.01 GET YOUR GEAR READY Ensure rods are well maintained and reels are serviced annually, spooled with as much line as possible (allow over 600m for striped marlin, with over 1000m for blues), check lures and leaders (use a quality brand such as Momoi), ensure good knots, sharp hooks, drags set correctly, and teasers ready to go. Check everything is IGFA legal. Sort out a good,Sharp hooks on lures are organised storage system on your boat sovital, sharpen or replace after landing a fish.everything has a tidy place. A messy boat is an accident waiting to happen.medical emergencies. Adrenaline will bebe. Keep informed of where the fish are 02 HAVE A GAME PLANflowing, but everything will go smoothlytracking by talking to local tackle shops, From knowing the process youif everyone understands and feelschat at the fishing clubs, and join social will follow to clearing the gear (tocomfortable in their role. media groups. The more knowledge you keep the deck free for the angler), tohave the better before you head out.running through scenarios with your03 LEARN AND GATHER INTELMONITOR THE WEATHER crew. Discuss who will do what andStudy how to monitor sea surface04 Forecasts, wind, swell, and tide consider "what if" scenarios for whentemperatures (SST) and why. Learn about the s*** hits the fan, such as multiplethe types of birds in your area and theirtimes, are all critical factors to take hook ups, massive fish, substantialbehaviour. Understand local seafloorinto account in advance of where you changes in weather conditions, andstructures and where fish are likely toare fishing.62FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'