b'GOODS TRAIN INCHIKU Available in 5 eye-catching colours. Robust rubber skirt. 200lb braided line & 3/0 twin assist hook. 40gm, 60gm, 80gm, 100gm, 120gm. From only $5.99 - $9.99!GLAD-EYE INCHIKU Available in 6 cool colours. New design inchiku with a big shiny jewel eye. AircraftEnhanced80gm, 120gm, 220gm. wing inspired Bird Mode Work well on snapper, blue cod, kingfish, kahawai. From only $7.99 - $11.99!OK FISH FYBA-GP Solid fibreglass general purpose rod. RangeFusion High speed Eye-catching fluoro green.Full foam grip, nylon reel seat, Sea-Guide Hero guides. technology 60 rpm imaging PE rating 3.5 / line weight up to 20kg. Only $69.99!Designed like a seabird. Sleek and aerodynamic with 360-degree situational awareness featuring Cyclone Bird Mode technology to get you to the sh faster.The new evolution of premium radar.Shop online www.OK.fish Phone 0274 046 815 /FISHINGINGODZONE59'