b"20LB SNAPPER 20LB Snapper Tips02 GEAR Bring the gear that you are comfortable with, the tackle that you know youll use, and stick to that. I remember before when he used to bring 6-7 types of rods and reels, set-up every trip and some will just be in a rod holder and few of them will all go off together and he can't focus on one and hell end up losing a good fish because they all tangle together. He would be gutted, while Ill be laughing and saying I told you so because I was right.03 LURES Really good ones, the ones that you have tried and tested over and over again. Dont fall for those advertisements, as you must try it first-hand. These big fish are smart, I used to make up stories in my mind that these big ones have seen so many types of lures before that they have Getting up early with a plan andlearned to tell the difference between being prepared will set up thereal food that they are going to bite day for a chance of success. or when theyll become food if they are going to bite, but thats just my At this point, it soundsMary and Joshactive imagination.enjoy the time and like I am ranting banter together04 SPOTS when fishing. X marks the spot, I know people (I might be). As someonewho always go back to the same spot new to fishing, I never reallywhere they previously caught a big fish, and most often than not this is true.understood the chase for aThat means they are around in that 20-pound snapper. area, and you must take your chance in the same spot and trust that they are So, what is it about 20-pound snappers?there or at least they are traveling in Ive investigated this topic for a while,that channel. It also helps a lot when and Ive read many articles and watchedpeople share their spots with you and so many videos just to understand (andI know it is such a sacred thing to keep hopefully stop mocking my partner abouta big fish cause your arms hurt and itthe good spots to the selected few, but it), and this is where it all came downtakes so long to get that fish in the boat. cmon some people out here have been to PRIDE. Its the moment when youKeep trying. I know we will get there, andtrying for years need a bit of help.officially are part of an elite league ofwe might even catch our twenty-pound fishermen/fisherwomen because untilsnapper on our next trip this summer.05 PATIENCE you manage to catch that 20-poundFollow the rules and try several of theThe most important part of all, snapper, every fish you caught in thetricks and if none of those work and ais to keep trying. Never lose hope. past (even if they are bigger literally) cantfamily member or a friend catch their firstTrust that your time will come and compare to it. This is also our thing here20lber before you, try your hardest to bewhen it does you better be prepared in Godzone and catching a 20lb snappersupportive and not sulk. Just nod yourto get the beauty on board. Some will is the benchmark.head, raise your glass and when they aremake it in a year, some will not even To all those who are just like me, whonot looking, run off and cook a fish toland one until they are in their fifties, like to claim that they love fishing butlook busy. Enjoy your summer and getand its a bit of luck, a bit of patience, still complain when you manage to hookthat 20lb beauty!FIGZ and a whole lot of determination. 34FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022"