b'Ngawai Amoamo (Jnr) on left with the first 7.2kg fish of the day and Kupu-John with his pending NZ and World record 15.6kg snapper.Keen 11-year-old angler Kupu-John Amoamo from thecaught a solid 7kg fish and soon after all three rods went off at the same time.Bay of Plenty, hooked and landed a massive 15.6kg (34lb)Ngawai Jnr and I lost our fish and Kupu-snapper which is a pending Junior NZ and world record. John landed his.The funny thing, is mine K upu-John was out fishingKupu-John hooked up on thelooked bigger in the water than his, but we will never know the truth as it bit with his dad NgawaiDaiwa VIP battling the big fish. through my line to earn its freedom.Amoamo and brotherThe local club scales only went to Ngawai (Jnr) on the East15kgs, so it bottomed those out and we Coast on the 23rd ofhad to use the larger marlin scales!I October.They had headedwish I had taken a photo of it now, if not out in dads Stabicraft 2050just for a laugh seeing a snapper on the named Darkhorse, whichbig scales.they have had for nearly a year and haveKupu-John was using a trusty accounted for plenty of big fish overDaiwa VIP saltwater rod and Shimano this short time.They however werentBaitrunner 12000D reel spooled with prepared for the monster fish they were24kg line.The All Tackle pending Junior about to encounter this day.NZ and World record has been submitted Ngawai Senior commented, These twothrough the club and the fish is off to boys have been fishing with me sinceget mounted.they were both 3 years old. They are bothBefore Xmas last year Ngawai Jnr who also avid free divers now and we headedwas 12 years old at the time, also landed off down the coast after school thishis first marlin. Now with a pending afternoon for a fish and dive. Junior NZ and World record snapper for We had barracouta for bait with threeKupu-John its a pretty good start for rods out straylining, when Ngawai Jnrtheir new family boat.FIGZ /FISHINGINGODZONE9'