b'KINGS ON LURESSLOW AND SLOW PITCHSlow jigs and slow pitch lures are also a good method to try for targeting kingfish, using similar tactics as the softbaits for locating and presenting your offering.No other compact 4x4 has the features, the heritage, or the experience. We use assorted colours and weights such as Ocean Angler Jitterbugs, OK FishWith its rigid ladder frame, high ground clearance and ALLGRIP PRO drive Goods Train and Jack Sprats, or Oceanssystem, the Suzuki Jimny stays true to its origins as one of the toughest, Legacy Hybrid Contact slow pitch. most tenacious off-roaders out there. Who else can live up to the legend?Scaling up to larger sized lures (100gm+) and looking for baitfish schools in deeper water can bring good success. They will usually show up on the sounder as red blobs on the outside of the main baitfish schools. I notice that kingfish will sometimes be shadowing baitfish at a distance and just waiting until they are hungry enough to attack. Why do guys hang around the BBQ at parties? Cause that is where the food is, its the same principle with kingfish. They will be hooked near their food source, so find their food source and present your lure. KNIFE JIGSIf you find a school of baitfish but cant see the kingfish have a go anyway, especially just a way off the main mass of bait. Jigs like Ocean Angler Fish Fingers will drop like a rocket and are proven kingfish takers around such bait schools. They have just released larger 120g and 140g Fish Fingers in time for summer, so are perfect weights for using on kingies.Hot orange is a good colour to try first up and instead of just working Slow jig lures are easy to use tothe bottom like you normally would target kingfish, this king fell tofor snapper, try up higher in the water a 100gm OK Fish Goods Traincolumn especially if the bait is also off inchiku (slow jig).the bottom. Kingfish are similar to other fish that hunt around schools and are opportunistic, looking for an easy feed. On one trip, I was out in the Hauraki Gulf with my wife, and we were softbaiting around anchovy schools. She was eating lunch and had put her rod down when it suddenly went off. I started pulling up what was obviously a pannie sized snapper. About 10M off the bottom it released itself and 3 seconds later a kingfish smashed the lure. It was attracted to the struggling snapper and when it saw the baitfish sized morsel get spat by the snapper, it pounced onTEST DRIVE TODAYthe chance of a free feed. It wasnt a bigJX MANUAL $27,990 +ORCSIERRA FROM $30,990 +ORCkingfish, about 9kg but it was a great scrap on light 4kg gear. Look for schools of bait on the sounder as kingfish will often be close by or will visit at some stage of the tide. For info on our Real Value 3 year/100,000 km comprehensive warranty, 5 year/100,000 km powertrain warranty, PLUS a full 5 year roadside assistance plan, visit www.suzuki.co.nz14FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022 SZA1144r'