b'GAME FISHING build up in these areas which baitfish feed on.Even when not actively feeding, game fish are usually found near food. Areas holding bait are most likely to be holding game fish. Also keep an eye out for any floating debris, which baitfish are attracted to and therefore you will often find game fish hanging out underneath.04 DON\'T LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH Where there is decent food (baitfish) the gamefish won\'t be too far away. Stick to an area with good bait sign and be patient until bite time comes along.05 SET THE SPREAD Choose your spread of lures based on the weather conditions of the day and the type of bait in the area you are fishing. The form, movement, and placement of your lures is important. They should sit in the bottom third of the front face of the pressure wave, Use quality leaders like Momoi,"breathing" every 5-10 seconds. Some and check lengths are IGFA legal. lures dive deeper, other lures have bigger smoke trails while some shake, but the key is to get the lure you put out in a particular spot "working". Teasers and dredges act as a fish attractant as the flash and splash mimics a bait school, exciting the gamefish into a frenzy. For example, RippinHoo mirrored stainless steel blade teasers create vibration, reflection, and splash as they cut through the water, bringing fish in from up to a kilometre away.06 MOW THE PATCH When you think all the signs are right then you are in the right place, go When reeling in the fish its not a race,up and down covering the area just like take it smooth and steady keeping tensionyou are mowing the lawn in long figure on the line, winding when you can and8\'s across the swell/wind direction.taking breaks when the fish runs.GAME ON BIRDS ARE THE BEST07 BE PATIENT Game fish follow a migratory pattern02 Find the birds and you will find theStay alert, watching and ensure the reel clickers are on! which flows in with the warmer waters.fish. Watch for birds circling over an area Generally once SST gets over 18.3and diving. Birds will stay above feeding08 EYES UNDER THE WATER degrees, fishos start getting excited!game fish, picking off bait that is drivenWe find it incredibly useful Now it is time for you to put your planto the surface by these fish. running a TowcamHD, and underwater into action. live streaming video camera, watching TEMPERATURE BREAKS03 THINK LIKE A FISHwhat is going on under the water 01 Check SST just before heading outHead for seafloor structure thatand to see the fish as they come and is known to hold fish (reefs, ledges,investigate your spread. Often the to find areas where cooler water meetshumps, mounts, caverns or drop offs).gamefish are there below, and you warmer water. Look for blue water andThese can cause an upwelling of deeperdidn\'t even know it. You can change current lines as blue water fish preferwater that is more nutrient rich thanyour tactics with the knowledge the blue water. surface water, allowing plankton toTowcamHD provides you. 64FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'