b"GAME FISHING 05 EVERYONE READY The crew should be ready with leadering gloves, gaffs, tag pole, and cameras / GoPro to capture the footage of the fish.06 CARE OF THE FISH Remember to take good care of the fish if you bring it on board. Fish catch cooler bags are necessary to pack it on ice, to bring its body temperature down as quick as you can.LEARN FROM MISTAKESEveryone loses fish sometimes. Don't give up, and try to figure out what went wrong, learn from it, and move on. Put in the hours and you will get the results. Record all details of your catch and your trip so you have information to help you next time. There is no guarantee that you'll catch fish every time you go out, but by making the most of these tips you will certainly improve your chances over summer.FIGZFind the bait and warmer water,the game fish wont be far away.FIGHTING THE FISHThat magical moment when the reel starts screaming and the adrenaline starts pumping - its action time!01 STAY CALM Follow the game plan and make sure the crew is communicating well.02 SET THE HOOK Don't slow down. Keep the boat moving forward to set the hook and always keep tension on the line.03 CLEAR THE GEAR Pull in teasers and dredges, then reel in all the other lines, clearing everything out of the anglers way.04 SMOOTH AND STEADYGreg from Custom Tackle gets Reeling in the fish is not a race,ready to deploy the TowcamHD just keep the tension on the line, windingamongst the lure spread.on when you can, taking breaks whenINSERT ABOVE: Using the fish is running. Use low gear just toTowcamHD lets you see under keep things ticking over if you need to.water action in live time and helps improve your game fishing.Don't bust a gut to get the fish in quickly, this just results in a green fish at the boatFOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:Custom Tackle NZ can help with all your game that will go ballistic. Its better to tire thefishing gear and maintenance, including spooling line and re-skirting your favourite lures. Talk to fish out a bit, so take it easy and use thethem today to get ready to catch the big one! Phone: 027 444 4416 / customtackle.co.nz motion of the swell to assist winding.66FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022"