b'SURFCASTINGHit the beach with rods, ice, food, and drinks to get away from the crazy summer crowds.During the middle of the dayEARLY OR LATEin summer, the rod holderAs mentioned, the bright sunny gets the most use. conditions can put fish off so hitting the beach early with a rising sun will give you increased chances of catching fish.Coincide this with a change of tide and your chances will improve dramatically to score fish on the surfcaster.I like to time a low tide around 7am so I am fishing before the low just on sunrise and with fresh mullet or tuatua, the strikes are almost immediate.The other option is to fish from late afternoon with the sun dropping to dark when the sun is setting.This is another prime time as the fish move into the shallows looking for food and it is a cool time watching the sun set out on the west side.When it comes to rod holders, it pays to hold your rod during these prime fishing times ready for the expected bites so you can react quickly.A rod sitting in the holder can enable fish to get off when they hit left unattended, and I only use my rod holder after fishing for a few hours over the key times and the sun is high in the sky.During the middle of the day when the fish activity drops, you can leave a bait out there and let the rod holder do its thing.46FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'