b'KAYAK FISHINGA good sounder will enable the user to identify fish species to target, like gurnard which sit hard on the bottom.O ut of the many tools I useThe Element features a huge array ofaluminum bracket screwed just behind to improve my successupgrades like a quad core processorthe front hatch inside the kayaks body. while fishing from mywhich speeds up loading time acrossAnother problem to solve was yak, my fish finder wouldthe menus. While the 1.2Mhz Sonarthe transducer, something many be the one I rely on most.draws photo-like views of the bottomkayakers have trouble mounting. Most Over the past 5 years Iand an impressive IPX 6 / IPX7 ratingtransducers are designed for boat have used a Raymarinewhich protects the unit from the wettransoms and not the small hull slot Dragonfly 5 Pro whichenvironment aboard the kayak. which comes standard on the Viking has served me well. ITo power the Element, I needed a highProfish 400. The Hypervision transducer have learnt how to findcapacity but lightweight battery and ais the largest one I have come across and the right structure, how different species20Ah lead acid battery was not goingmounting inside the kayak was the way of fish look and have even worked outto cut it as 6kg would be too bulky toto go due to its generous size. Kayaks how to see temperature changes atmount. After a bit of hunting around forhave a thin hull, so you have no trouble different depths. a suitable power source, I settled upongetting a proficient reading even if you a 17.5Ah FPV battery. These tiny 900gsit the transducer in a small puddle RAYMARINE ELEMENT 7 HV Lithium-ion batteries are designed toof water. The wiring would then be I am now travelling further offshorebe compact and had more than enoughthreaded through and lead back to the to target larger fish and its time togrunt to last those long fishing sessions.rear hatch providing easy access near upgrade to a Raymarine Element 7 HV.This is mounted into the hull, with anmy legs. 54FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'