b'SURFCASTINGGetting ready to camp out for a night on the beach is a lot of fun.Fishing during the night can result in unwanted species like rays and sharks, so avoid those fleshy baits like tuna or mullet.Shellfish baits like tuatua or mussel are good options for a big trevally or snapper, with crab or octopus top baits for a moocher searching in the dark and they are less likely to attract those pesky school sharks (tope).My last tip is to ensure you take plenty of salt ice in your fish bin, as the temperatures really get up there and you need to keep your fish in the best condition as you will be away for several Just on dark with a change of tide offershours down the beach.Its funny, as I perfect summer fishing conditions. can recall as a kid going fishing down Dargavilles Ripiro Beach with my grandfather and we would just take Snapper are more likely to turn upNIGHT FISHING on old school sack and get it wet, then at daybreak or in the evening. Another great option to consider inthrow our catch into it and keep it under the middle of summer is night fishing. the truck in the shade while fishing.Heading away to fish all day and into theMaybe that is why I never really liked night under the stars is great fun with aeating fish back then but do now!FIGZgood crew.Make sure you pick a calm night with low swell and no wind; it just makes for a better experience when on the beach in the dark.Take headlamps for all, plenty of food, a cooker, beach chairs, sleeping bag and you are sorted for the night.Staying up late talking under the starry night, with rods in theirView our surfcastingrod holders waiting for a big fish is ahow-to videos!relaxing surfcasting mission with addedSCAN TO VISITexcitement.Watch out for stingrays thatwww.fishingingodzone.co.nzcome in closer if you wade out but its best to keep shallow and just cast off the dry sand at the waters edge.50FISHING IN GODZONE JAN/FEB 2022'